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We set out to be the #1 minecraft smp! We want to deliver a solid experience for our friends and family. Afterall we aren’t just owners.We play too! Our family love to play minecraft too! We offer well over 400 custom mobs, members built and maintained dungeons for eveyrone to enjoy. Epic loot! Cross platform play. Several Quality of Life plugins: Veinminer and Tree Capitator. Enjoy a great fun user base

100% uptime

Our community server

We are easy going. We just want to have a good time while playing with a great bunch of people

Variety At Its Finest

We offer several custom mobs, items and events. Our community develop their own content! We offer home made dungeons with custom made mobs, and epic boss fights!


Over 50 custom bosses to defeat


nearly 400 custom mobs to fight and due battle with

QoL plugins

Mining and Tree farming are easy! Enjoy convience drivin customizations.



We want you and your friends to join our online community. We strive to deliver excellence and have a great time while doing it. Our intention is to deliver a great minecraft experience with everyone. 

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Our friends and family play on the server with us. We enjoy our relatives and close friends playing with us on this server. Our team works and plays together! Enjoy the server as we do and it won’t be seen as work.

Our community is an extension of our family. We want you to enjoy the experience as much as we enjoy it too.

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Elkonia SMP Minecraft server